Cumella Ceramics. Spanish Pavillion. Aichi. Japan

Provisional proposals for exhibitions that will be held surrounding the AIC Congress:


D’Obra. Ceramics applied to architecture

Museum of Design. Barcelona. Space A

Produced by the Design Museum and curated by the architect Pedro Azara.

The exhibit will show the evolution of the use of ceramic materials in the Mediterranean area from antiquity until the present, with masterpieces from several important museums from all over the world.

J1_Morrocco - copie

Buildings made of Clay in Morrocco


Ceramica Cumella. Shaping ideas – Modelant idees
Museum of Design. Barcelona. Hall of space B

Design Museum of Barcelona.

Space A2. After Paris and London, this exhibition arrives in Barcelona. It is about the most important producer in contemporary architectural ceramics in Spain, Ceramica Cumella, which has worked with many prominent architects in Spain and abroad.

International Exhibition“Ceramic Perspectives”
Sant Rafael Pavilion,

Artists from Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Israel, Rumania will be present in this international show of contemporary ceramics.

International Biennial of Ceramics of El Vendrell
Civic Centre La Farinera del Clot

Exhibition of the International Biennial of Ceramics of El Vendrell, from 2001 to 2015, with more than 24 international artists represented, with a high level of quality.



Celadon Vase. Song Dynasty

Masterpieces of the Longquan Museum of Celadons (China)

Sant Pau Recinte Modernista. Sant Rafel Pavilion. Barcelona

Approximately 50 – 60 important pieces from the Longquan Museum, the capital of celadons of China, will be displayed in this exhibition.


Brick Artists of WABA Group exhibition

The World Association of Brick Artists will present works by each component of the group (Andrew Burton, Ulla Vioti, Robert Harrison, Jacques Kaufmann, Gwen Heeney and Fritz Vehring). All pieces will be created in situ by the artists. With the collaboration of ceramic suppliers to be determined.

J3_Ulla_Viotti_WABA copie2 - copie

Ulla Viotti


Masterpieces of the Longquan Museum of Celadons, China Casa Asia Barcelona

Approximately 60 – 80 important pieces from the Longquan Museum, the capital of celadons of China, will be displayed in this exhibition.


 Japanese ceramists of Kyoto
Exhibition produced by A-FAD crafts organization in a broad exchange with Japanese artists.


Kondo Takahiro. Porcelain. Kyoto contemporary ceramist.


Spanish ceramists of the International Academy
of Ceramics
National Ceramics Museum of Valencia

J13_Valence_museum - copie

National Ceramics Museum. Valence


 Picasso and ceramics: pieces, drawings, photographs and posters 
Picasso Museum of Barcelona

Some permanent rooms of the museum have been reformed on occasion of the IAC Congress. All the Picasso ceramic works in the museum’s collection will be on display, as well as some preparatory drawings for ceramics, photographs of the author making pottery and posters of his ceramics exhibitions in Vallauris (France).

J8_MNAC - copie

National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC)


Houses for secrets
ACC exhibition hall

Group exhibition by 33 members of the Potters Association of Catalonia. The show deals with the general theme of the Congress, ceramics in architecture and public space, but from a personal and intimate vision, of patiently elaborated pieces, where a secret can be kept, temporarily or forever.

Curators: Jordi Marcet and Rosa Vila-Abadal

Dialogues of contemporary ceramics and classic masterpieces of MNAC
National Art Museum of Catalonia – MNAC

Permanent collection with ceramic pieces related to the ones that appear in some classical and modern paintings.


Contemporary ceramics of Catalonia
Young Catalan ceramists
Crafts Center of Catalonia “Artesania Catalunya”

Double exhibition in the Crafts Center of the Catalan Government showing the current situation of ceramics in Catalonia, including both consolidated artists and emerging creators.


Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona
Special exhibition at “Espai 13” to be determined.

J10_Miro-F - copie

Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona


Útilment. Design and functionality in ceramics

Crafts Center of Catalonia “Artesania Catalunya”. Barcelona
Exhibition in the Crafts Center of the Catalan Government showing the current situation in Catalan ceramics and the relation between ceramists and designers.


Present and future of contemporary ceramics in Catalonia

Llotja Ceramic School. Barcelona

A panoramic view of the actual ceramic artists in Catalonia and emergent creators will be shown in this big space at Llotja School of ceramics in Barcelona


Barro.es – Tradition and Creativity in the Spanish Cities of Ceramics

Dhub Barcelona. Hall of the auditorium

12 to 15 September

This exhibition has been produced by the Spanish Association of Cities of Ceramics (AeCC) to spread the richness and diversity of these 30 towns of ceramic tradition in Spain, both in terms of traditional pottery that artistic creation.



Exhibitions off Barcelona


Contemporary ceramics in Spain

National Ceramics Museum.

Mia Llauder “Retrats”

Museu del Càntir (Espace Casa Gòtica). Argentona

Works of Mia Llauder, one of the most interesting ceramists actually in Catalonia. Member of IAC.

Joan Serra “Protopeces”

Museu del Càntir (Espace Casa Gòtica)

A very special exhibition about experimental works of this artist, member of IAC.

Awards of the International Biennial of Ceramic of Esplugues “Angelina Alòs” 2016

Can Tinturé Museum. Esplugues

Exhibition of works of Angelina Alós (1917-1997) and awarded works of recent editions of the international biennial of ceramic.

Former pottery factory Baronda

Madola. Lost Cities

Church ancient hospital of Santa Magdalena Montblanc

Sant Cugat city exhibition around the cycle Ceramics: art & life

Frederic Gisbert
7 to 30 September 2016
Casa de Cultura (c / Castellvi 8)

History and ceramic heritage in Sant Cugat del Vallès

7 September to 30 October 2016
Chapterhouse. Monastery Museum (Pl. Om 1)

Cloister of Ceramic Creators
7 September to 9 October 2016

Cloister of the monastery. Monastery Museum (Pl. Om 1)

From clay to colour

Sergi Barnils (artist) with Nuria Salvadó and Sergi Salvadó (ceramists)

8 September to 30 October.

Canals – Art Gallery (Carrer de la Creu, 16)

The Beauty of Clay

Collective international exhibition of ceramic jewellery

Dterra (Av. Josep Anselm Clave 9)

Nuria Alvarez de Lara. 30 years of creation with ceramics 1986 – 2016

Context Gallery (Carrer Viñolas 8)

The traditional pottery jug. Alfons Romero collection

15 September to 15 December 2016
Fundació Cabanas. Casa Museu. Cal Gerrer (c. Santiago Rusiñol 60 – Pl. Octavià)
Antiga fàbrica de ceràmica Arpí de Sant Cugat




IAC Members' Exhibition at the Design Museum of Barcelona - DHUB

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