Sustainable brick. Author: Jacques Kaufmann


IAC Members exhibition

Museum of Design of Barcelona
12 September to 9 October 2016

The International Academy of Ceramics (IAC), in collaboration with the organization of the IAC Congress in Barcelona in 2016, proposes the creation of an exhibition open to all IAC members at the Design Museum of Barcelona (Design Hub Barcelona building), main venue of the meeting.


The topic of the Congress and the title of the exhibition is: “Ceramics in Architecture and Public Spaces” / IAC members’ exhibition.

Ceramics in Architecture and Public Spaces

IAC asked to its members to participate in this exhibition of the IAC, in Barcelona in 2016, preparing a work related to this subject and under this title. Each member could choose the treatment of theme and title, and may develop it in the following ways:

  • Architectural elements
  •  Public Sculpture
  •  Object
  •  Urban landscape
  •  Mural
  • Interventions in space. Installations,
    (Indoor, outdoor)
  • Action, performance
  • Other


Whatever orientation the member chooses for his/her work, it will be accompanied by a short statement, which will be included in the exhibition and in the catalogue.

Depending on the proposal, submissions may be in the form of images, video, models, etc… and ceramic of course, in order to realize the intentions of the project or the realization of the work.


A digital and printed catalogue will be produced. It will include a picture of the selected works and some brief information about the author and the piece. The authors’ statement will be published in one of the 4 languages of the Congress.




Provisional proposals for exhibitions that will be held surrounding the AIC Congress

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Places of ceramic interest for visits during or after the Congress

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